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SE Green Party EU campaign bus visit 22 May

At 5pm on wed 22 May a bunch of tired, determined campaigners welcomed one of our 3 key MEP candidates to Dover, who arrived in our electric Green campaign bus.

Local Greens stand with banners outside the electric campaign bus on Dover seafront

Dover district will really be on the sharp end of the CHAOS Conservatives continue to inflict on the country we love.


Youth strike 4 climate demo in Deal

We were delighted to support the cross-party Youth Strike 4 climate demonstration in Deal on 24 May 2019.

Sunny day for the climate march in Deal high street

108 towns across UK also had demos on the same day.

  • Zero carbon 2030!
  • System change not climate change!

Results of EU parliamentary elections

In Dover District EU elections, we Greens were 3rd with 11% of the vote, on a turnout that was 39%, the same as EUPE 2014; less than half of the Ref turnout.

Brexit Party came top with 46%, LibDems came 2nd with 16%, Labour and Conservative 4th and 5th with 9% each. ChangeUK 6th on 3%.

46% of 39% = 18% of dover district electorate by Brexit party.

Nationally LD + Grn + ChUK + PC + SNP = 40% // Brexit + UKIP =35%.

A VERY BIG thank you from Dover and Deal Greens, for all the support we’ve received in April and May.

You’ll see elsewhere how well the Greens did in EU27 – this bodes well for our remain/ reform agenda!

Dover district will really be on the sharp end of the CHAOS Conservatives continue to inflict on the country we love.

We want truthful elections / refs, a strong electoral commission in the UK to rid us of dodgy funding, decisions made democratically at appropriate levels ; local, more + national 85% + European 15%.

  • Yes to Europe (that we’ve been waving to across the water since our bronze age boat was built)

Results of the local elections

We have 8 people elected to serve in 10 parish /town council seats in Dover District.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for our candidates and / or who helped with our campaigns. We went to celebrate with the 1300 year old yew tree at Ringwould.

We promise to ACT for the long-term protection of people, planet, animals and wildlife (and persuade other councillors to do the same).

These are the first Green Party seats ever won in the Dover District. The closest we came to a District Council seat was Eastry Rural that we missed by 5 votes (after recount). If we’d had more than 4 people leafletting and £60 to spend in that ward on leaflets we could have taken the seat of the Conservative incumbant.

The seats and councillors won

  • Ringwould w/ Kingsdown PC – elected unopposed Mike Eddy
  • Walmer Parish Council – elected unopposed John Lonsdale and Dan Symons – elected Mike Eddy
  • Dover Town Council – elected Beccy Sawbridge and Jackie Garnett
  • Deal Town Council – elected Christine Oliver, Simon Phillips, Mike Eddy and Anne Farrington

Of the 15 district seats won in Kent, 11 were taken from Conservatives 4 were taken from UKIP.

Find out who’s standing in your area in May

Photo of candidates: 5 women and 5 men holding campaign banner for Dover and Deal

Green Party candidates for the local elections in Dover District

Local government affects all of our daily lives.

Our promise to you is that nobody will work harder than these dedicated and passionate people, on the issues that matter to you.

Mill Hill, Deal

  • District and Town Council: Mike Eddy
  • District and Town Council: Christine Oliver

Eastry Rural

  • District Council: Simon Phillips

Town & Castle Dover

  • District and Town Council: Beccy Sawbridge

Middle Deal

  • District and Town Council: Anne Farrington
  • Town Council: Dan Symons

Guston and St Margarets

  • District Council: Nick Shread


  • District Council: Peter Cutler


  • District and Parish Council: John Lonsdale
  • District and Parish Council: Dan Symons
  • Parish Council: Mike Eddy

Little Stour and Ashstone

  • District Council: Caroline Mason

St Radiguns

  • District and Dover Town Council: Jackie Garnett


  • District Council: Sarah Gleave

Tower Hamlets

  • District and Dover Town Council: Brian Murphy

Maxton and Elms Vale

  • Dover Town Council: Nick Shread

More about what we stand for

3 of 4 green party candidates dover tc cropped

Dover candidates, left to right: Beccy Sawbridge (standing in Town and Castle ward), Nick Shread (standing in Maxton and Elms Vale) and Brian Murphy (standing in Tower Hamlets).


We’re fielding more district and town council candidates than ever before

The local Green Party in Dover District are standing 13 candidates for Dover District Council (DDC) in 11 Wards; and 13 candidates for town/parish seats in the district.

With some Green Party voices on Dover Town Council, Green councillors would work on:

  • improving local toilets
  • reducing litter
  • lobbying for improved air quality
  • cutting single-use plastics
  • support for allotment holders
  • improved access for walkers, cyclists and the disabled across Dover.

The Green Party speaks truth to power and a strong Green voice on the Town Council will make sure that the people of Dover are heard clearly by District and County councils and by government ministers at Westminster.

We say carbon cuts not climate chaos, and we’d like clean electric rapid transit buses and electric charging points too.

What some of your Green candidates are saying

Mike Eddy, candidate in Mill Hill:

Which he has represented since 1995:

“Huge wealth inequality damages the whole of society. More local Green councillors means more independent, principled, local people rolling up their sleeves for people and planet without an elite in London breathing down their necks.

“Our NHS is better if it is publicly owned and profiteering health care companies are stopped. District Councils don’t control the future of the NHS but can speak up for a fairer future for all.

“Greens want regeneration plans that help small, local, tax-paying businesses flourish, rather than international chains.”

Christine Oliver, candidate in Mill Hill:

“The whole population of the district from Maxton to Preston deserve to be able to enjoy the woods, fields, parks and allotments that bring with them healthy well-being, and local farm food, so we save on the costs of ill-health.

“Our rural, coastal assets are also the secret to attracting national and European tourists to spend their money in local businesses AND to carbon capture and the fight against climate emergency.”

Beccy Sawbridge, candidate in Town and Castle -Dover

“We Greens speak truth to power, we stand up to the political elite, because we need homes that are cheap-to-rent and cheap-to-heat; a fairer, low-carbon future for all.

“The poorest 19% in UK don’t own cars, and don’t fly; we have the lowest carbon footprint. DDC and Kent County Council must prioritise us non-car owners and deliver better, cheaper bus services, new pavements and cycle paths.

“We are an anti-austerity party and we say the Universal Credit system is broken and must be replaced, fast.”

There are now five times as many Green party councillors at district level or higher, than there were a few years ago. More people nationally vote Green Party in LOCAL elections now, even if they vote for a bigger party in parliamentary elections.

The 11 Dover District wards where people can vote Green Party:

  • Mill Hill, Deal
  • Eastry Rural
  • Town and Castle, Dover
  • Guston Kingsdown and St Margarets
  • Middle Deal
  • Little Stour and Ashstone
  • Tower Hamlets, Dover
  • Walmer
  • Sandwich
  • Whitfield
  • St Radigunds, Dover.

Find out who is standing in each area

The 9 Town and Parish wards where people can vote Green Party:

  • Mill Hill
  • Maxton and Elms Vale
  • Walmer
  • St Radigunds
  • Middle Deal
  • Town + Castle
  • Ringwould with Kingsdown
  • Tower Hamlets
  • North Deal.

Find out who is standing in each area.

Read our 2019 Action Plan for more about what change we can make locally, to create real change that affects the lives of the people of Dover district.

Universal Credit and Other Benefits

The recent introduction of Universal Credit in the DDC area saw a rise in the use of food banks – as in other parts of the country.

DDGP will continue to work closely with Kent Unite Community and Disability rights groups to campaign for support for the many local people affected.  DDC should do what it can to help.

It could for example arrange for Thanet Community Transport to provide reduced cost bus travel or make sure that concessionary tariffs for sports facilities were set so they were affordable by people receiving Universal Credit.

Austerity is based on a wrong economic model – what is needed is more investment in creating green jobs, infrastructure and public services.

This article covered one of the 14 Themes of Dover and Deal Geen Party Action Plan:

  1. Action on Climate Emergency
  2. Open Government
  3. Improving Democracy
  4. Value for Money
  5. Policies to Support Local Business
  6. Planning Policy that Works
  7. No to Fracking
  8. Yes to support for electric cars
  9. A Plastics Free Council
  10. Ending Live animal exports
  11. Better Air Quality
  12. Support for Bus Transport
  13. Better Amenities – Especially For Young People
  14. Universal Credit and Other Benefits