About us

We started in February 2015 and meet alternately in Dover and Deal. Our newsletter comes out in Spring and Autumn, and we like to get out and leaflet or do street stalls.

Our steering committee is made up of:

  1. Fox (Chair)
  2. Gleave (Coordinator and Press Officer)
  3. Nicholls (Treasurer)
  4. Sawbridge (Dover contacts)
  5. Oliver (asst Membership Sec.)

Among our members, we have people who can speak publicly to your community group on topics such as:

  • fair voting (Proportional Representation)
  • campaigning against fracking / for renewables
  • Community Owned Renewable Energy
  • Compassion in World Farming
  • the work of UNHCR and the refugee crisis
  • and other topics.

If you would like a speaker to come to an event of yours, please contact us (see below).

We very much value suggestions such as local campaigns we could help with, or offers of help.

Our contact details