Dover & Deal Green Party

Local Green Party members

Welcome! We’re your local party for the Dover District Council area.

We campaign on local issues in Deal, Dover, Sandwich and surrounding villages, including:

  • community energy
  • fair voting
  • stop live exports
  • protect green jobs and the green economy
  • clean air
  • frack-free Kent
  • biodiversity and bees
  • social housing and affordable housing
  • climate change issues.

We seek to have a voice in local government.

We meet alternately in Dover and Deal.

We’re inspired by the determination of people in East Kent and across the UK to act and demand action.

The need for constructive European partnership is so urgent in this time when:

  • the climate crisis is so evident
  • air and plastic pollution is so blatant
  • the need to protect wildlife, farm animals, trees, and habitats is so acute
  • and inequality is so damaging.

We need an end to national populism and a people’s vote on the final deal. We could do much more with a bigger active membership. Join us as we speak truth to power. In this area we need an MP who isn’t a loose cannon. Our members’ subscriptions fund our national party and allow us to to speak the truth to power. Our local party depends on local donations and fundraising to keep pushing local boundaries.

Help us stand a candidate at the election

We need funding to cover the costs of standing a candidate at the election. We’re all volunteers and so rely on goodwill from our supporters. Please helps us if you can!

Help us campaign locally

We only get money from central office during general elections. We’re always busy and struggle to afford to do everything we want to do. If you’d like to help us campaign please make a donation or volunteer with us. Every little helps. Thank you.

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